#vapeporn #vapefam #vape So a couple of things here. I always try to remember the guy or girl that just bought some kanthal an Atty some cotton and basic build tools. If you are seeing a build like the one in the bottom right corner and feel like it’s impossible, it isn’t, however most of us, even the ones I consider master builders started with something in the top right corner. And we did it hundreds of times. A 6-8 wrap 26g single coil. Before you know it you will be twisting wire, making Clapton’s and generally be having a good time. Watch @squidoode @grimmgreen or @ohmboyjosh on you tube. Great tutorials. Master builders who explain and show how it’s done. The second thing, this setup was an effing unicorn 3-4 years ago. I am too lazy to look it the pronunciation, but it a Hydra mod made in Greece that came with a matching version 1 kayfun. I have one in white as well. It was really a blast to build it tonight and think of the time period right before sub ohm tanks. This was it. Very cool. #coilporn #vapeporn #vapelyfe #vapefam #vape #coilart #subohm #vapecommunity #cleanbuilds #vapelife #subohmclub #vapestagram #buildlife #cloudchaser #vapenation #sexybuilds #wiregasm #vapefriends #vapemagazine #vapemodels #vapegirls #vapeartist #vapeart

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