Annoying. Somewhere out there is someone else walking around with my setup. The wood grain is going in the opposite direction and it looks like their tank is a science of vaping tank not a #squapexdream. By the way. Not for nothing but the #squapexdream by #stattqualm_squape has not left my side. The only thing it has done is be the perfect vape tank. I haven’t rewicked it yet, that is tonight’s task. It will handle high wattage if you want to push it and “blow big clouds brah!” But what’s the point. Really. Help. They also have an RDA that was just released that I am eager to get my hands on. AND it appears that they have a blue tank cover that would match my #hurakansx perfectly. If I could only get my hands hands on one. Grr. And in red to match my #axisvapes M17. Here’s the deal. If you are an intermediate vaper that can make your own coils or know someone that will, save your money. They are only at $160 now and do not waste your money on a battery killing, flavor destroying tank like the smok. I have 12 smok boxes and one smok tank. I sold them all. I only have a blue one because it matches my Hurakan. I hate drawing comparisons but I believed the Kayfun was the highest quality, best flavor tank made until the #squapexdream. I still have ash e Phoenix hurricane v2 without the glass for $100. Used for four hours. Retail,$180 and generally sold out everywhere. If you are in AZ hit up #vapescottsdale. So thanks again to the #squapexdream team!! #vape #vapelife #vapelyfe #vapefam #vaping #vapecommunity #vapeporn #vapeon #subohm #vapestagram #cloudchaser #vapor #vapingisthefuture #instavape #vapenation #ejuice #eliquid #vapelove #vaper #vapers #vapepics #vapeshop #vapeallday

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