Do the early results are in for the #squapexdream. Before I tell you, the pic with @vepeterdi was completely unintentional. I just set my mod down on my iPad where I was working on one of her pics and realized it would be a pretty cool pic itself. If I didn’t have a migraine I would have spent more time with it. Anyway, if you vape, you deserve to experience the #squapexdream. It produces the purest flavor of any vape device I have used. RDA, RDTA, RTA, cartomizer, bong (oops) or otherwise. You simply get every single note of flavor that was put into the liquid. This is not for cloud comps although the airflow is phenomenal. I have the vents 70% closed. I have long held that the Kayfun and Russian 91% were the best tanks ever made. I have changed my mind. This is the real deal. The #squapexdream is what the Kayfun wanted to be. I am running it on a single 18650 Hurakan sx350j 75w at 45 watts. The build is dual coil fused Claptons around a 2.5mm bit..40 ohms on the dot. Meaning I could basically use this as an all day vape for two days without a new battery. If you want to bust out 200+ watt Clouds with no flavor, get any one of the smok tanks. I have four. Although I don’t think I have ever had the need to exceed 100w. But the big number sounds cool. Granted, I am only 5-8 hours in with it, so obviously something Could change, but I have been doing this for a minute and I don’t see it. VS the hurricane v2. Objectively the only difference that is relevant is the adjustable juice flow in the hurricane. Which does nothing but let you waste juice faster without a clear benefit. FYI – THE $100 PRICE FOR THE HURRICANE I OWN IS LEGIT. you can get the glass piece for $2.00 from China. Apologies for the long review but #squapexdream and @designstattqualm_squape Deserve it. Sorry Petri RTA owners (I am one), thus is different league. @stattqualm_squape vape went out of their way to support me. I owe them a comprehensive review… If you read this far, I thank you I am sure they would too. Later. #vapelyfe #vapeporn #vapelyfe #vapelife #vapecommunity #vapefam #vapestagram #vaping #vapedaily #vapeon #vapenation #ejuice #vapor #subohm #eliquid cva

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