Let me preface this by saying I have been vaping for 10 years. Building on and off for 5 seriously building for 2 and generally know my shit. I use Sony VTC 4 / 5 batteries almost exclusively. I do re wrap them. I don’t build under .15 and never vape over 150w. I have had a lot of mechs get hot because of a short, a button accidentally get triggered in my pocket, etc. But I have starts been able to stop it. I just had a mech blow in 4 seconds with a .80 build. I can’t even find the collector mod that blew. All I can say it’s be careful. Clean your mods and attys. Replace batteries every 4 months and never try to be the sub.10 guy because it’s cool. Not on a mech. This was a very high quality mech made in Greece. $250 value. Good quality. I got lucky. #vape #vapor #vaping #vapeart #vapeyou #vapecommunity #vapeon #vapestagram #vapenation #vapefamous #vapelife #vapedaily #vapesirens#vapepics

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