#vape #vapefam #vapecommunity #vapestagram #vapenation #vapefamily This all started in September 2016. I didn’t figure out that hash tags get content to your audience until October lol. I have been vaping since vaping started. I have always been an artist. I am an extreme introvert. So I decided to do what I love, make it artistic without being clichΓ© and maybe meet some people without actually having to speak. 4-5 months later I have 1000 followers. All legit. I don’t buy followers. I want people to want to see what I am creating. The ones who do are all very unique, interesting, cool people. I get to make vapeart using photos from amazing women and now men @le_zap (it’s all art to me). I have gotten to interact with the individuals that taught me to build like @squidoode @grimmgreen @ohmboyjosh. It’s been a trip. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT. I see the art in what we do. I just want to put my spin on it and show people that it’s real. I see the people with 5k and above and it’s like wow. But I said the same thing when I had 50 followers and I saw people with 1k. Today I hit that mark. Thank you @razzndazz you gave me there opportunity to show people some stunning images with vape very early on. Much respect. To the rest of you, I do this because I love it, but more and more I do it for you. I want to give you something different. Stick with me and THANK YOU. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜πŸŒΉβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈ #vapestagram #vapenation #instavape #vaping #subohm #calivapers #vapefriends #vapepics #vapelove #dripclub #girlswhovape #vapers #vapesociety #vapefamous #socalvapers #vapegirls #vapegram #vapeaddict #vapemagazine

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